Dyspareunia is genital pain experienced just before, during or after sexual intercourse. Although this condition has historically been classified as a sexual disorder, an integrated and pain-model approach to the problem is gaining support. The current thinking about pain initiation and promulgation suggests an initial instigating factor that is then perpetuated by confounding factors. These factors may be physical or psychologic.

Patients with dyspareunia may complain of a well-defined and localized pain, or express a general disinterest in and dissatisfaction with intercourse that stems from the associated discomfort. Although dyspareunia is present in both sexes, it is far more common in women, with the pain initiating in several areas, from vulvar surfaces to deep pelvic structures.

Dyspareunia is considered to be primarily a physical, rather than an emotional, problem until proven otherwise. In most instances of dyspareunia, there is an original physical cause. Extreme forms, in which the woman’s pelvic floor musculature contracts involuntarily, is termed vaginismus. To know more about dyspareunia, its causes and other important details please read our article about dyspareunia .

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