Leucorrhea is a thick whitish discharge from the vagina and almost all women would get this during reproductive cycle. Although the vaginal discharge will be normally white in color, for some women it may be yellow or greenish yellow. There are number of factors like hormonal changes, diabetes and anemia which cause leucorrhea. However you need not worry about leucorrhea since it is a routine for every women. You need to pay attention only if the vaginal discharge is accompanied by other symptoms like itching and redness in the vaginal area. In rare cases, this white discharge begun before the first menstrual cycle of a girl..

Causes The main cause of white discharge in women is hormonal disturbance. Increased secretion of estrogen is the main cause for leucorrhea. It may also occur due to improper hygiene habits and loss of iron in blood.

Women having diabetes may also have increased leucorrhea. Wounds on the vagina can also trigger the secretion of whitish fluid with itching. It is also seen in pregnant women and after childbirth; it will be accompanied with foul smell and mucus of placental tissues. Sometimes, indigestion and constipation also causes leucorrhea discharge.


A woman who has increased whitish discharge will experience weakness and lethargy. It is seen as thick and sticky white colored discharge from the vagina between the periods. It can also be accompanied by headache for some women. Due to frequent discharge, there may be pain in the calf muscle and in the lumbar region.

Types of Leucorrhea:

  • Physiologic leukorrhea: It is due to estrogen stimulation. It is body’s natural defense to maintain the chemical balance inside the vagina and to keep the elasticity of the genital muscles.
  • Leukorrhea may occur normally during pregnancy.
  • Inflammatory leukorrhea: It denotes thick foul smelling discharge with itching and malaise or back ache. It may be due to STD or other anaerobic infections.

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