Erectile dysfunction is the inability to attain, maintain or retain hardness in the penis after sexual excitation. The problem is sometimes also referred to as impotence but that is actually complete absence of hardness inside the penis even after full sexual excitation. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem among men and almost 90% of the male population face this problem at least once in their life. Erectile dysfunction can be very disappointing for a man. Since this is the only thing that can prevent him from feeling confident in front of his lady.

ED can be permanent or it can be transient. If the problem is transient it passes off by itself after some time or when the person’s mental stress and anxiety settles down with time. While in permanent type the problem is serious and may have an underlying cause which may be hard to correct. In such cases a thorough clinical examination and tests are required for proper treatment.

The main problem of erectile dysfunction is due to improper rushing of blood in the penis vessels which is required to erect the penis. Actually the brain releases NO (nitric oxide) in to the blood after sexual excitation which dilates the penile blood vessels and forces the flow of blood inside the penis. The blood vessels of the penis gets engorged with blood which swells and hardens the surrounding spongy muscles and tissues resulting in erection. As soon as ejaculation happens after sex, the release of NO (nitric oxide) is stopped and blood flows out of the penis resulting in the penis coming back to the normal state.

It doesn’t matter what the social status of the man is, it doesn’t matter how well he does in his daily life and it also doesn’t matter how much he earns. If a man has ED he is considered an underachiever by his lady. If not treated properly erectile dysfunction can have a very serious impact on a marriage. We have seen hundreds of such cases where the cause of divorce and domestic violence was just ED.

There are many ED causes. Sometimes it’s caused by a health condition. Other times, lifestyle plays a role. If blood is prevented from properly flowing to the penis, it can lead to erectile dysfunction, sometimes called impotence.

Some main causes are as follows – 1> Prostate Cancer 2> High Blood Pressure 3> Diabetes 4> Obesity 5> High Cholesterol 6> Heart Disease 7> Spinal Cord Injury 8> Others

The best natural cure for erectile dysfunction should take into account various factors that influence healing and recovery from this condition. It is indeed true that erectile dysfunction can be caused by many things, some of them physical others psychological. However, unhealthy habits like smoking or consuming alcohol or recreational drugs can worsen the condition or even determine it in the first place. A natural cure should start with eliminating such habits from your life. Your diet also needs to be watched carefully.

Certain products like processed sugars and fats can slow down recovery, while others might speed it up. The health of the reproductive system is based on vitamins and minerals that nourish it and make it function properly. These can be obtained consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and seeds, as well as fish. One can also take vitamins and minerals supplements if what they get from their diet doesn’t seem to be enough. A healthy life style is not complete until you have also introduced regular exercise. Besides the physical activity that one needs to take up immediately, there are also specialized exercises for the penile area that might be of help in men with erectile dysfunction.

But the good news is that Erectile Dysfunction ED can be treated effectively at any age. It doesn’t matter for how long you have been suffering from this problem, it also doesn’t matter how much you have already spent on your treatment…. the good news is that you can get a normal erection without any medicine in future. How? With the help of our highly specialized treatment plans! You just need to complete the course of treatment as advised for 2-3 months. Once you compete the treatment you will never need to have any pill or medicine for getting an erection. That’s the power of our treatment.

Erection is the backbone of satisfactory sex life. Without a hard erection sex is incomplete. Unfortunately millions of men are suffering from erectile dysfunction all over the world. According to a study almost all men experience erection problems at some point in their life. And while there are many types of treatments available in the market including pumps, vacuum devises etc, herbal treatments and medicines remains the most popular choice among men for its cure. This is specially true because this is the easiest, economical and most effective type of treatment for permanent cure of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where the male sex organ is not able to get a proper erection which is a necessary for a satisfactory sexual intercourse. Sometimes the condition is in its initial or primitive stage where the male sex organ attains erection for the initial 2-3 minutes but loses it just after or even before penetration into the vagina.

As of now there are many treatments available in the market for curing erectile dysfunction including the much hyped allopathic medicines like Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) and Cialis (Tadalafil). But the ground reality is that these drugs produce more harm to your body than they actually benefit you. Most of you must already be aware of the dangerous side effects of these medicines so discussing the side effects of them is out of the scope of this article.

“Enjoy sex to the fullest! Take your love life to a new level with natural erectile dysfunction treatment.” The ayurvedic and unani systems of medicines which have over a thousand years of experience and history treating some of the most complicated diseases and syndromes which are still incurable in the modern medicine.The world is now in the 21st century with new technologies and facilities at your fingertips. But still millions of men from around the world are suffering from sexual dysfunctions specially ED. Since there is no permanent cure for erectile dysfunction in the modern medicines yet people are looking back to the ancient ayurvedic and unani medicinal systems for their treatment and permanent cure.

While treating erectile dysfunction, modern medical science tries to give a quick and temporary relief by giving you instant erections artificially. On the other hand natural Ayurvedic and Unani medicines further go deep into the disease and treat the root cause to give you complete cure and permanent relief so you can have natural erections without any side effects. The ayurvedic and unani practitioners have worked very hard and some of them have even dedicated their whole life to study and evolve an effective natural erectile dysfunction treatment.

History reveals that during the ancient times, rulers, Nawabs, Maharajas and zamindars used to keep a large number of unani and ayurvedic physicians in their personal service to rejuvenate their body system & sexual appetite to cope & fulfill the desires of their many wives & mistresses. In those days if the wishes & fantasies of the rulers were not fulfilled then it was certain death. This compelled these herbal practitioners to discover very effective remedies for erectile dysfunction. Present day pioneers of unani and ayurvedic system of medicine have further developed the traditional treatments and formulated very effective & safe remedies for erectile dysfunction and impotence.

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