Dr. Singhal’s clinic established in 1950 with more than 450000 Patients treated till date is a famous institution with patients from almost every state of India and outside India. We have been rewarded many times by great doctors of india and many childless couples after getting child by our specialized treatments . We have motto to gain trust on oldest medicine of the world Ayurved .

Dr. Singhal’s clinic was Founded by late Gauri Lal Gupta on 2nd January 1905 which was later runned under guidance of Vaidhya Lal Phool Chand Ji now after third generation Dr. singhal under blessings of his forefathers is successfully running The institution throughout the world and helping people to gain a healthy life of significant part of private pleasureful sexual life.

In singhal clinic oldest institution in india in sexologists :

  • Oldest institution in india with more than 108 year experience.
  • Situated in Hub of Ayurvedic medicine haridwar with its branches in Ghaziabad & Delhi.
  • Uses only Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine : Medications are strictly Ayurvedic 100% herbal and has no side effects. It is safe for patients of all geographic location & races & ages (18-65).

Our treatments : Our treatments covers almost every Male & Female health disease like while leucorrhoea (while discharge females), painful menstruation, abnormal menstrual cycles, weakness after menstruation etc. In males Oligospermia(low sperm count ) a 2005 permia (nil sperm count ) loss of libido (loss of interest in sex ) night discharge (discharge of semen during night dreaming ) impotency , premature ejaculation underdeveloped male organs rectile dysfunctions etc.